The future is here! Unified communications and “One Device”. The new Motorola Solutions PTT Broadband Devices, connects your office workers with your radio users, with your broadband Smart Device workers – connectivity, mobility and operability has never been better. The LEX L10 Mission Critical Handheld redefines the broadband experience for officers in the field. Created specifically for the demands of public safety, this device ensures optimal coverage on both the Verizon 3G/4G Commercial and Public Safety LTE

The LEX L10 leverages the core mission critical features of Motorola APX radios. It combines loud and clear audio, exceptional durability and excellent security.

With an intuitive user interface and a suite of public safety applications on a sleek and rugged smartphone form factor, officers can create more opportunities to quickly collaborate and share information across agencies in daily or covert operations.

The LEX L10 is also equipped with Google Mobility Services (GMS), offering the best of Google and Android to responders, via the Google Play store.