The Motorola LEX L10 Handheld enables more intelligent communication and collaboration by connecting executives, supervisers, remote knowledge workers, field workers and IT managers across businesses. Originally designed for public safety, the sleek yet rugged LEX L10 also meets the unique requirements of the manufacturing, utilities, hospitality, public works and other enterprise environments by delivering advanced capabilities not available in consumer-grade smartphones.


Managers know downtime is one of the greatest impediments to successful business. The longer it takes field workers to respond to calls or repair equipment, the more expensive disruptions become. If supervisors are able to alert personnel instantly, problems can be more rapidly resolved and work plans can stay on track. With the LEX L10, you can stay connected with your workforce and equipment using applications such as WAVE Work Group Communications, location tracking, work order ticket management and machine alarm notification. The LEX L10 delivers the loud audio and ruggedness that you need to communicate in noisy environments and work in harsh conditions.


The LEX L10 empowers you to coordinate and collaborate across your facility, the community and the enterprise all from one device. Stay connected to your business with the push of a button, whether you’re in the office, on the plant floor or traveling. With customized applications and a customizable user interface, you can be sure you are giving your employees the right information at the right time so they can make informed decisions. The LEX L10 delivers reliable high-speed data and clearer voice on commercial 4G LTE networks. Secure Wi-Fi enables low-cost in-facility coverage, essential for large buildings with thick internal walls. The more connected your employees are, with each other and with crucial information, the more productive they can be.


Increased awareness and communication capabilities will help minimize your risk for employee injury while on the job. The LEX L10’s WAVE Work Group Communications application can alert employees of hazardous areas and will emit an emergency notification. In an emergency, users can hear and be heard on the LEX L10, even in the midst of traffic, crowd noise, or on a noisy plant floor. The LEX L10’s dedicated push- to-talk button enables one-handed operation and dual one watt front- facing speakers bring clarity to every conversation. IP 67 rating and MIL-STD 810G helps allow the device to operate even if it is dropped or immersed in water.

• Front Top Microphone
• Front 2MP Camera
• Ambient Light / Proximity Sensors
• Dedicated PTT Button
• Up/Down VolumeButtons
• 4.7″ Capacitive Touch Screen
• Front Bottom Microphone
• Dual 1W Front-Facing Speakrs
• Rubberized Bottom Surface