At Wireless Pacific we understand that what a product does to improve your work practices and employee safety, is what really counts. This brochure provides an overview of the current available accessory range. The range of X10DR accessories continues to grow, as we support creative implementation seeking to streamline their operational effectiveness. You can be assured we will continue to ensure X10DR is the optimum solution for every out of vehicle mobile radio application.


X10DR now features our new breakthrough Enhanced Voice Resilience EVRTM audio providing greater background noise reduction and improved protection against interference ensuring clean crisp audio in every situation.

Team Up
X10DR secure wireless microphones can be teamed up, when required, to provide dual, triple or more user operation from a single mobile radio. The smart node interface passes both transmit and receive audio to each X10DR ensuring each user hears both active parts of the communications sent over the host two way radio channel. Accessories are available to allow off-net talkaround capability.

Teams Remain Productive In Remote Work Environments
The vehicle mounted mobile radio is often the field worker’s sole communication link to central command and other emergency units. However, when one team member needs to go back and wait at the vehicle, to provide or receive an update, operations slow or at worst, come to a stand still, losing time, productivity and placing lives at risk. X10DR is revolutionary technology, which allows remote teams to stay in communication with each other onsite or back to base, via their vehicle mounted mobile radio, up to hundreds of meters from the vehicle.

Duress Alarm
The X10DR secure wireless microphone naturally provide a duress button that can be used to activate the emergency mode within the host mobile radio. Field personnel can now call for assistance even while hundreds of meters from their vehicle.

Headset Operation
Models are available which include a 6 pin Hirose audio connector on the base that allows use of industry standard audio accessories. Additionally, a mono 3.5mm headphone jack on every X10DR provides for quiet secured communications when silence is golden.

Long Battery Life
The X10DR’s new bigger 1450mA internal battery means you will typically achieve well in access of 24 hours operation between re-charges. Docking the microphone into its cradle allows 100% re-charge from completely flat in less than 4 hours or for a top up during a rest break.