Do you need to rent radios for an event, traffic management, security or other temporary situation?

We can help! Short and long-term radio rentals available nationwide.
Radio rentals are great options for;

  • Event management, such as concerts, sports events (i.e. motor racing), festivals and trade shows.
  • Traffic management.
  • Security companies.
  • TV/film production.

We understand that efficient communications are key to running events successfully.

Rental radios for a temporary situation are a great, cost-effective solution to ensure reliable communications.

Genesis Communicastions is able to provide a rental solution for your requirements, no matter what the situation or location you are working in. We can rent you anything from 2 – 100 radios for the number of days that you require.

Longer-term rentals are available for ongoing projects.

Our radio rental solutions are available nationwide. Rental depots are located in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch, but we regularly supply rentals all across New Zealand.

Need quality accessories such as headsets, ear pieces, lapel mics or chargers?

We supply a range of accessories, which can be hired individually or packaged with two-way radio equipment. These are compatible with our portable radios, ensuring maximum reliability.

See us for expert advice, quality equipment and thorough and prompt customer support.

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